How parents can protect their children from sexual predators

Former assistant police chief encourages parents to do background checks

DETROIT – A former assistant police chief and current high school athletic director offered tips for how parents can protect their children from sexual predators.

"People have to be a lot more aware," Steve Dolunt said.

Dolunt is an athletic director at Cabrini High School in Allen Park, where he recently gave classes about sexual predators whom children may encounter online and in person.

Dolunt said the Catholic high school performs extensive background checks on anyone who will be working on school grounds. He said parents should also be looking into people who may be around their children.

"Ask the company you're at or school you're at, 'Do you do a background check? Are there any things we should worry about?'" he said. "Talk to your kids."

Dolunt also said that parents should check the Offender Tracking Information System, which shows people who have spent time in prison in Michigan.

"They should check OTIS. It's free to anybody. You go online and you can see if any one of the people in contact with kids that did time. That's all public knowledge," he said.

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