Oakland County drivers fed up with conditions of dirt roads

Weather makes roads rough

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Dirt roads are suffering from Michigan's changing weather this winter.

Residents in Oakland County are fed up with the conditions of roads where they live, especially Hillsboro Road in Davisburg.

David Moroz said the freeze-thaw effect and rain always makes for a rough ride, but this year seems worse than usual.

"We try not to invite too many people this time of year because it is so rough, especially if they don't have the vehicle that can handle the ruts and so forth," he said. "It seems particularly bad right now."

While the roads can be bad, Moroz says he will deal with it because he enjoys where he lives.

Road commission advises drivers to use caution

The Road Commission for Oakland County has urged drivers to use caution when traveling on dirt roads. The commission said the county's nearly 760 miles of dirt roads are rough due to snow, rain, frigid temperatures and a warmup.

According to the commission, the ground is frozen below the road surface in many areas. This means that there is nowhere for rain and melting snow to go and it is causing muddy, wet roads.

Crews can only add material to help the road conditions in certain areas because heavy equipment sitting on the roads can make it worse.

“We are doing everything we can to maintain the gravel roads,” said Dennis Kolar, RCOC Managing Director. “However, despite our best efforts, recent freezing conditions combined with snow, rain and warmer weather have made most of the gravel roads a maintenance challenge.”

To report issues with dirt roads, contact the road commission at 877-858-4804 or online.

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