Mumford High School student faces felony weapons charges for bringing guns to school, officials say

Detroit high school student caught with two guns in backpack, police say

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DETROIT – A Detroit student is in trouble with law enforcement officials after he brought two guns into a school, according to police.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District has long had metal detectors for this type of incident, and they served their purpose Tuesday when the student brought two guns to Mumford High School. Officials said the guns never made it past the front door.

Police said the 15-year-old student tried to enter the school at 9 a.m. but set off the metal detector. When security guards checked his backpack, they found a pellet gun and a handgun, officials said.

The weapons weren't loaded, but security guards said that doesn't matter.

Officers confiscated the weapons and took the teenager into custody for felony weapons charges.

Chris Clemons, whose daughter is a Mumford freshman, said he's happy security was on its toes.

"They were on top of it, which was a good thing because my child's safety is the most important," Clemons said.

George Cook, whose daughter is also a freshman, agreed.

"I'm glad they were on point," Cook said. "They took their job seriously because they never know what's going on with the kids at home, what they're off into -- maybe on drugs. You never know the case. Security was really on point, on top of it."

The teenager is suspended from school and appeared in a juvenile court Wednesday for his arraignment.

Nobody was injured and there's no explanation as to why the teenager brought the weapons to school, police said.

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