Where some of Michigan's biggest unsolved cases stand in 2019

Local 4 looks back at unsolved cases

DETROIT – Local 4 is dedicated a day to bringing awareness to unsolved cases around Michigan.

Unsolved Michigan Day will bring you stories of unsolved cases, including criminal cases, murders and missing persons. 

Paige Renkoski disappearance remains a mystery nearly 30 years later

Paige Renkoski's disappearance is among one of the state's longest running unsolved mysteries.

Renkoski dropped her mother off at Detroit Metro Airport during the morning of May 24, 1990. Later that afternoon, police found her car parked on the shoulder of I-96, near the Fowlerville Exit, with the engine still running. Her purse and shoes were inside.

Witnesses told police they saw Renkoski talking to a man whose maroon minivan was parked behind her car.

D'Wan Sims allegedly vanishes in crowd of shoppers at Livonia mall

Dwanna Harris told police she took her son, D'Wan Sims, to Wonderland Mall in Livonia on Dec. 11, 1994, where he vanished into a crowd of shoppers.

Surveillance video revealed that Harris was at the mall, but didn't show her son, however, leading investigators to believe he was never there in the first place. The family became the focus of suspicion, but nearly 25 years later, the disappearance remains unsolved.

"My family has nothing to hide," said Beverly Sims, D'Wan's grandmother.

No crime proven after Tangena Hussain disappears

Jamrul Hussain, the boyfriend of Tangena Hussain's mother, said he left the 3-year-old girl in a locked car while he went inside a gas station for a pack of gum in October 2008.

He said she was gone when he came back to the car, which was parked in an area with no cameras.

Hussain took two polygraph tests that proved inconclusive, but he was never named a suspect in the case, and investigators haven't said there was a crime committed.

Nevaeh Buchanan's killer still unknown nearly a decade later

An Amber Alert was issued for the 5-year-old on May 24, 2009 -- but her body was found just days later on June 4, buried near the River Raisin. She was encased in concrete.

Early on, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department had named two persons of interest – James Easter and George Kennedy. Both convicted sex offenders who had previous relationships with Jennifer Buchanan, Nevaeh's mother.

But the two men were never charged.