Southfield firefighters work to protect themselves against measles by getting vaccines

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Firefighters and emergency medical technicians are often the first point of contact when someone is sick, and on Friday, members of the Southfield Fire Department are working to protect themselves against the measles.

The number of measles cases is growing and preventing its spread is vital, particularly among first responders, and Southfield has taken action.

The Southfield Fire Department's basketball team played for charity at Lawrence Tech this afternoon with other first responders. Most of them are playing with a measles vaccine they received over the past several days.

"We took a proactive approach and asked all of our firefighters to volunteer to actually see if they needed to be or have the booster. Most of them did. Most of them had the booster. This is our third day of it," Southfield Fire Chief Johnny Menifee said.

"Southfield obviously has cases of this, so I wanted all our firefighters to be as safe as possible with it," he said.

The Oakland County Health Department is still reporting 21 local cases. It said if you haven't gotten the vaccine, you need to get one and if you don't know whether you've been vaccinated, you can get tested to find out.

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