Detroit rapper Big Sean, Mayor Mike Duggan push for 2020 census participation

City gets money based on census results

DETROIT – Make no mistake, rapper Big Sean is a big deal in the city of Detroit. 

When the Cass Tech alum talks, young people listen. He has eight Billboard Chart toppers and three platinum albums. 

It was all eyes on Big Sean and Mayor Mike Duggan Friday afternoon, as they both spoke in front of a packed room of young kids and local leaders. The simple message is about getting involved in your community.

“I’m here in person because this is really important for me, important to the mayor and important to the city,” Big Sean said.

He didn’t talk about music but the upcoming 2020 census.

“This is about counting in your city. It’s about showing who you are because that’s how we get the funding,” Big Sean said.

Duggan said last time around, Detroit didn’t do well at all. 

“The last time, in 2010, Detroit was the worst in America in completing the census forms and it cost us dearly,” Duggan said.

That’s why Duggan is starting a year out and bringing the big names with him. He said a lot is at stake.

“What’s on the line is millions and millions of dollars in Headstart money and road money and health care money and Medicaid, that’s on the line,” Duggan said.

That alone should be enough to get everyone involved, Big Sean said. 

“That’s how we get the things that we want in our communities and that’s how we let the government know, and the people who are in control of the money, that we’re here,” Big Sean said.

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