Lawsuit filed to stop Oakland County from paying for Fraser sinkhole repairs

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – There are new developments involving the Fraser sinkhole from Christmas Eve 2016 which forced 20 families from their homes and cost $70 million to repair.

The two sewer authorities at the center of it all argue the other side should pay for the damage. The sinkhole was the result of an infrastructure failure.

Experts have told the Macomb County Public Works Director, Candice S. Miller, that the sinkhole was caused by a tsunami of sewage which was released and cratered 15 Mile Road with a pit the size of a football field, destroying one home and forcing evacuations.

Earlier this year Miller laid the blame for the sinkhole on human error. Tonight, the Oakland Macomb interceptor drain drainage district is filing a lawsuit asking a judge to rule that it is not responsible for what happened.

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