MSU police: Students could face jail time, fines if things get out of hand during Final Four game

Police prepare for rowdy crowds

DETROIT – Michigan State will compete for a spot in the national championship game Saturday night in a Final Four matchup against Texas Tech.

Spartans fans can get very passionate about basketball and things can get rowdy. 

Last week, when Michigan State squared off against Duke, things got out of control and campus police at MSU want to prevent that from happening again. The scene from that night can be watched in the video above.  

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Michigan State fans invade Final Four in Minneapolis

The video featured nearly 800 fans. There was a lot of chanting among the crowd and couches were burned.  

There is a chance the same thing could happen Saturday night. Police are stepping up patrols around campus and warning that there could be fines and jail time if things get out of hand. Students could get also kicked out of school, police warned.  

“If the situation were to get completely out of control, there are officers on standby and tactics that we can employ to disperse the crowd quickly, but that is of course something that we don’t want to have happen. We want this to be a celebratory event,"  said Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez 

Last week's incident was not an isolated event. Fans have exhibited similar behavior during games.  

The bottom line is if you are watching the game, police want you to have fun and be safe. They just do not want any property to get damaged or trouble.  

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