Detroit mail carrier speaks months after being attacked by pit bull, saved by neighbor

Todd Bridges saved by good Samaritan

DETROIT – A Detroit postal worker attacked by a dog and saved by a good Samaritan has a message about keeping mail carriers safe.

Todd Bridges is speaking for the first time since he was attacked two months ago. There's a running joke about mail carriers and dogs, but video of Bridges being attacked proved it isn't a joke.

"A pit bull (was) charging at me full force," Bridges said.

He's been a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service for more than two decades, but he's never spoken to a crowd about something that could have ended his career.

"Each day I try to put it back further -- try to do nothing to trigger it," Bridges said.

In February, Bridges was working his route on Ardmore Street near Eight Mile Road on Detroit's west side.

Bridges said he did everything he could to fight off the dog, even using dog spray.

"I used my whole entire can of dog spray," Bridges said. "It didn't even faze him."

That's when O'Nell Colley ran in to help, fighting off the dog with a garbage can, a club and a hammer, officials said.

"I felt like I was fighting for my life, my kids, my granddaughter," Bridges said. "It was not about to kill me."

A hammer and a belt was finally enough to end the attack, and Bridges said it took him weeks to feel comfortable at work.

"It was tense at first," Bridges said. "I'm OK."

Colley received an award and gave an inspirational message after the attack. Nick Monacelli will have the story Monday afternoon on Local 4 News at 5.

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