Pontiac to start taking applications for medical marijuana facilities

PONTIAC, Mich. – Pontiac is going to start taking applications for certain medical marijuana facilities.

The city clerk will be accepting applicaitons for medical marijuana growers, processors, safety compliance facilities and secured transporters. According to a news release, the city clerk will announce a 21-day period in which medical marijuana applications will be accepted. That period begins no later than Monday.

The zoning amendments approved by council allow for no more than five provisioning centers in downtown, no more than five in the Walton Boulevard zoning map overlay district, no more than five in the Cesar Chavez Avenue district, and no more than five in the remainder of the city, subject to limitations of state law and the zoning amendment.

The ordinance includes the prohibition of drive-thru windows at provisioning centers. Medical marijuana businesses will not be allowed within nonmedical marijuana businesses and owners will have to work to manage odors using carbon filters. There will also be restrictions on signage and lighting at the businesses.

Watch the video above for the full report.

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