Senate GOP says no to Gov. Whitmer's Michigan gas tax for now

Auto insurance reform a concern

LANSING, Mich. – She campaigned on “fix(ing) the damn roads” and Gov. Whitmer’s plan is raising the gas tax by 45 cents.

The Michigan Senate has taken the proposed 45-cent hike to the gas tax off the table as it moves forward with budget talks.

Whitmer has been traveling the state pitching the proposal, but Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says it’s out of budget consideration for what needs to be voted on in June. 

The legislature has made it clear it wants to try auto insurance reform first and then tackle road funding later this summer, which is setting up a showdown between the governor and the Republican-led legislature.

Whitmer has been working with the state trying to sell the gas tax increase plan but polling has not been supportive when people were asked if they would consider paying it.

Don’t be surprised if you see an attempt to lower auto insurance rates with an auto insurance reform package before a road funding fix.

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