Residents in Detroit's Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood brace for more rain, flooding

Homeowners use sand to stop water

DETROIT – The last thing folks living in Detroit's Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood want is more rain or more wind pushing water onshore from Lake St. Clair, and that’s exactly what’s coming. 

READ: Homeowners fill sandbags to protect from flooding in Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood

Scoop after scoop after scoop, Charles Mullins and his team are working around the clock, filling up the sandbags for neighbors in need.

“We worked until 10 last night and we just started again, and we’ll be here as late as it takes tonight,” said Mullins, with Team Industrial. 

They can't fill the sandbags up quickly enough.

Gregory Peterson lives near Lake St. Clair and he knows what Mother Nature can do.

“Last time, we had to throw out carpet, furniture and stuff like that, so this time we’re getting ready beforehand,” he said.

That’s why he stocked up on sandbags. 

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