Flooding takes toll on Allen Park families: 'Everything needs to be thrown away'

Flooded basements plague Allen Park homes

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Flooding hit Metro Detroit communities especially hard this week, including downriver communities such as Allen Park.

Residents are still dealing with floodwaters on their roads and in their basements.

Salah Alamodi is the father of three young children. He just finished the basement of his Allen Park home so his children would have extra room to play.

Now, everything is destroyed.

"Everything needs to be thrown away," Alamodi said.

He said anything that touched the water has to be tossed so mold doesn't come into the house.

Taylor resident Samantha Fletcher posted pictures of streets so flooded she can't leave her home.

"Mine wasn't just the drains," Fletcher said. "It was coming in through the furnace, through the floors. The drains were the most of it."

She said it was heartbreaking when she learned most insurance policies don't cover floods.

"Unless the water is coming in from the windows," Fletcher said. "It needs to be offered, needs to be discussed with each consumer."

As signs are posted warning neighbors of the unforgiving deep waters, people fear more rain is set to come.

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