Clinton Township stabbing victim forced to open safe, robbed of nearly $1K

Victim left to die

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Clinton Township man was stabbed and robbed after meeting a man at a nightclub. Police found the victim at a storage yard where he lives.

The investigation brought officials to Detroit Monday. Police were looking at surveillance video from the area of Six Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. 

Original Story: Clinton Township police find stabbing victim after discovering bloody knife in running car nearby

Police said on Friday night the victim and stabber were having a good time at Menjo's in Detroit. They went back to the victim’s home in Clinton Township afterward. On Saturday police found the victim stabbed repeatedly. 

"Oh it is scary cause I work right here. Lot of cop cars everywhere," said the victim's neighbor who didn't want to be identified. 

Police spent hours Saturday at the storage yard in Clinton Township.  

"Cop cars everywhere. It was all taped off from here to behind that building," said the neighbor. 

The victim lives on the property and police found him slumped in his car going in and out of consciousness. 

"He received two stab wounds to the back and one in the head," said Sgt Anthony Coppola with the Clinton Township Police Department. 

Parked next to the victim was a second car. It was left running and police found a bloody knife nearby.

"It looked like one of those really nice black cars, one of those were on a flatbed. It was an all day affair," said the neighbor. 

Police say the men met Friday night at Menjo’s. But by the next day they were fighting and the victim was overpowered. He was forced to open his safe and robbed of nearly $1,000.

Brutally attacked, he was left to die.  

"I would assume the victim wanted to make some sort of relationship connection and didn’t foresee this happening," said Coppola. 

Police said the stabber hangs out in the area of Six Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. He has been described as black, in his mid-20s and has a lot of tattoos. 

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