Pontiac man injured by debris from gunfire outside home

Video shows scene Sunday

PONTIAC, Mich. – A video caught the very moment bullets went flying into a home in Pontiac on Sunday.

Several bullets hit the window, and others struck a wall. The homeowner showed Local 4 the damage outside and inside her home. 

A shot was fired right above her television. Another bullet struck the wall near her bed. Her boyfriend was hit by the debris. 

“In my mind, just cowards, flat out cowards. Somebody that drives by a house and by cars and just opens fire is ridiculous,” said Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard. 

The homeowner said that in addition to the home shots were fired at cars too.  

Bouchard said her home wasn’t the only one hit. The woman's two neighbors’ homes were also struck by bullets.  

“Multiple shots were fired. At least three or four cars were struck. Homes were struck, the homeowner was injured by the headboard. One of the pieces of the headboard hit him,” said Bouchard. 

If you have any information call police. 

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