She grew up there and now she's working to bring healthy food to Detroit's east side

Ivy's Kitchen and Cocktails features farm-to-table food

DETROIT – For those who prefer organic, grass-fed beef or farm-to-table veggies, a new restaurant on Detroit’s east side will provide just that.

Ivy’s Kitchen and Cocktails is the newest restaurant on Jefferson Avenue, right on Detroit’s east side.

Nya Marshall, with Ivy’s Kitchen and Cocktails, is proud of her roots.

“I’m from the east side actually, originally. I think it’s important to bring healthy food options to the community, which is something I didn’t have growing up on the east side,” Marshall said.

Marshall said she’s changing that and she’s building the solution from the ground up.

This will be the first restaurant that’s sit down and open late in this district for the past almost 30 years.

"This is my baby. These buildings, this space, it’s my baby. I owned them for almost five years, and they've been inoperable for almost 30 years. It’s all on my own and funded by myself. I hired my own crews. There was no electricity here, there was no water here. There was nothing here," she said.

Not only does Marshall take pride in the building, but she’s proud of the food she will soon have on the table.

“We have craft cocktails, fresh meat, it’s farm-to-table, no freezer. Our mission is to bring healthy food to the community as well as develop our space next door,” Marshall said.

She also owns the spot next door.

“A greater part of our mission is the development that’s next door, is to bring awareness to entrepreneurship, to bring awareness to access to capital for the regular, local Detroit entrepreneurs,” Marshall said.

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