Man attacks dog with lamp, steals jewelry from Wayne home during break-in

Security footage shows incident

WAYNE, Mich. – Even the friendliest dog just seems to have a way of knowing when something is wrong.

That was definitely the case in Wayne when a thief broke into a home looking for jewelry.

A home security camera showed what happened during a burglary that only took a few short minutes.

The homeowners said the suspect made it seem very simple. He walked down the driveway, and was inside the home and out within five minutes.

“I got an alert on my phone saying my alarm was going off. So I checked the cameras to see what was going on and it looked like somebody was in my house," Kristen King said.

King was right. Somebody was inside her home while she was at work.

“[It was] 11:15 in the morning. It was broad daylight. Neighbors were out in the streets. It’s just broad daylight,” King said.

The suspect ignored both her dog barking and alarm system going off.

“I’m checking the cameras and all of a sudden I see a man with a hoodie on,” King said.

The video showed the man walking through the home, when he confronted her dog. Her security company called her at work.

“'We see him attacking your dog with a lamp,' and I said, 'Send 911 immediately,'” King said.

King said the man pushed the dog inside a room while he ruffled through things in her bedroom. He grabbed her jewelry and left.

“I had some of that jewelry since I was a kid, like my grandmother got me -- charm bracelets, gold necklaces that I have collected throughout the years. I just hope that he’s caught before he can do that to somebody else,” King said.

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