Why Michigan used bullpen pitchers in Game 2

Coach Erik Bakich elects to use bullpen in potential series clinching game

Michigan baseball coach Erik Bakich had a tough decision to make Tuesday: Who should he start in Game 2 of the national championship series and who should he save for a possible Game 3?

Bakich decided to piece together the second game of the series, and Michigan ultimately lost for the first time in the College World Series.

Not many people are second-guessing Bakich's decision because he's earned the benefit of the doubt by taking the Wolverines to the championship series. There's still confusion over why he wouldn't go for the win in Game 2, though.

Yes, Michigan probably would have had a better chance to win Tuesday if starters Jeff Criswell and Karl Kauffmann pitched. But after the Wolverines won Game 1 of the series, Bakich had the luxury of choosing which of the final two games ...


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