30-hour standoff in St. Clair Shores ends with 2 dead

Standoff started Thursday night

A gunman and a woman died after a long standoff with police that started Thursday night and lasted until early Saturday morning.

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SWAT offiicers entered a home near the intersection of Masonic Boulevard and Saint Margaret Street at about 2:30 a.m. 

It came after an intense standoff that had officers trying several tactics to get the man to put down his gun and surrender. The nearly 30-hour standoff drew crowds of people gawking at the heavy police presence. 

The 58-year-old gunman was found dead inside his own home. 

A woman in the neighborhood said the standoff started when some of her family members were outside enjoying Independence Day. She said the neighbor started taunting them with the laser sight on his gun, so she called the police.

That's when, she said, the neighbor started shooting at the more than 10 children playing outside.

Police said the gunman barricaded himself in his home for hours, shooting at police until he killed himself.

The investigation is ongoing.