Monroe High marching band raising money so more can play

MONROE, Mich. – A high school marching band in Monroe is working to raise money to make sure someone who wants to be in the band can get the full experience.

The Monroe Marching Band is almost ready for band camp and it's a dream come true for one of its newest members.

Jude Stamper is a freshman student at Monroe High School and plays the piano. Finally, he'll get to do more than just watch his sister play in the band on Friday nights.

"I've gone to all the football games and I just loved every second of watching the marching band," Stamper said.

Stamper can't march because of a few lifetime disorders that affect his joints. To play keyboards he requires a special cart.

Band director Joseph Swinkey started a fundraiser because he wants Stamper to be a true member of the band.

"We raised enough money initially to get him an instrument but we didn't want him on the sideline playing alone," Swinkey said.

The fundraiser is going well so far. They need $35,000 to upgrade the rest of the band and help with some necessities, not just for Stamper, but whoever might need them in the future.

Stamper will get his first chance on the field on Sept. 6 when the Trojans have their first home game in Monroe.

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