Woodhaven veterinarian uses cutting-edge technology to save animals

Veterinarian uses cutting edge technology to save animals

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – An animal hospital in Woodhaven has been saving countless lives with a cutting-edge hyperbaric chamber. 

Dr. Lucretia Greear founded Woodhaven Animal Hospital and she spent a lot to make sure the clinic includes a hyperbaric chamber -- the first and only of its type in Michigan.

Local 4 went to the Woodhaven Animal Hospital to see Destiny, a dog burned by fireworks, and her recovery.

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Destiny is going to be treated with the hyperbaric chamber. The pressurized oxygen can help pets recover from burns, paralysis and more. The Mayo Clinic claims lungs can gather more oxygen from pressurized oxygen than from pure oxygen, and the influx of oxygen fights bacteria and stimulates the body to promote healing. 

Woodhaven Animal Hospital has treated about 3,000 animals in the hyperbaric chamber. 

"Oxygen heals, oxygen saves lives," Greear said. "I nearly lost my son a few years ago. He had a near-drowning incident, and that was kind of the inspiration for me to have this technology."

Her son was 4 years old when he slipped into a Brownstown Township pool. When he was pulled from the water, he wasn't breathing and had no pulse.

"It was very hard, very hard for me," Greear said. "I felt helpless."

Greear, a mother of four who helps animals every day, was paralyzed with fear.

"Even as a doctor, I felt so panicked," Greear said. "I couldn't do CPR. In that moment, with all of my skills, I couldn't save my son."

Others jumped into action. Paramedics began working on her son as police shut down roads to rush him to a children's hospital.

After seven minutes, his heartbeat started again. Geear's son was alive, but suffered brain damage. 

"It just opened me up to alternative things," Greear said. "Because when it is your own, I want something to work. I want results. I want my son back."

At 10 years old -- in part because of oxygen therapy -- Greear's son Lucas is healthy.

Lucas spent hours in a hyperberic chamber during his recovery. Combined with other treatments, the results were stunning.

"He is a miracle and he inspires me everyday," Greear said. "I see another animal, another patient come in. Don't give up. There is always something that can be done. There is always hope."

Lucas is the reason Greear spent so much on making sure the Woodhaven Animal Hospital had a hyperbolic chamber. She named the chamber Hope.

"Her name is Hope. That's what she is," Greear said. "Sometimes Hope saves the day. Hope is real."

For more information on Greear and her work, visit the Woodhaven Animal Hospital's official website here.

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