Thousands to attend 110th NAACP National Convention at Cobo Center

Convention puts Detroit in national spotlight

DETROIT – It is a huge week for the Motor City as thousands of people arrive at Downtown Detroit's Cobo Center.

The 110th NAACP National Convention is officially underway.

The expectations started out high Sunday morning with popular gospel artist and Detroit native Kierra "Kiki" Sheard opening things up at the 110th NAACP National Convention Breakfast. 

Many said it’s just a taste of what is to come. “For us to have it and host it in Detroit means a lot,” said Derrick Boles, with Idaho NAACP. 

Boles is from Detroit, but lives in Idaho now. He called the organization's decision to come back to Detroit strategic. 

“The population especially for minorities is large here in the D,” Boles said. 

The expectations for this year’s conference are high for first timer Selina Strong of Lake Wales, Florida.

Strong said she is attending "to learn exactly what the NAACP is all about."

Breanna Allen, a young attendee, noted that, “It’s one thing to bring the black community together, but it is another thing to bring youth together,” said Allen. 

Donavin Maszewski shares the same feelings. 

“I've been to, I think, two or three national conventions and I think three state conventions,” said Maszewski. 

Maszewski said this year’s convention has a little more excitement than most. That’s because of the upcoming debate. He said there are some big political names on the itinerary. 

“I like to hear them address, I mean, it doesn’t often happen, but if a politician comes out here or someone who is running for office or is in office, I would like to hear them address or respond to negative things that are associated with their names. Clear the air,” Maszewski said.

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