Businesses fight to stay afloat on Harsens Island amid ongoing flooding

Homes also impacted

Businesses fight to stay afloat on Harsens Island
Businesses fight to stay afloat on Harsens Island


It is not only the homes on Harsens Island that are being jeopardized by the flooding there, businesses are also struggling with the issue.


Ken Potter with High Standard Construction is trying to build a dam to prevent all this water from spilling over. But he says it feels like a losing battle. 


"It’s good for business but what good is that much business if you can’t do it all. It’s terrible," said Potter. 

With record high water levels, Potter says in many cases seawalls are too short and dredging permits take months to get approved. 

"Everyone is suffering, in some cases can’t use their cottages because water is so high," said Potter.

Potter says customers don’t want to hear it...but there are few options for folks with flooded properties. 

"It’s like you can’t even get in because the equipment will sink," said Potter.  

Not wanting to stand idly by though, many are placing sandbags around their homes. 

"The problem is so many seawalls are underwater, so if you dredge it goes back in lake don’t we want that," said Potter. 

Over at Walker’s Landing they’ve come up with a homemade solution to keep the parking lot dry. "We drained it nine times, nobody wants to get out with six inches of water," said Finley O'Shea with Walkers Landing.  

"That pump is on 24 hours a day," he said.  Sandbags are helping, but as you can see the water keeps creeping up 

"When the waves come it flops over. Not much you can do," said O'Shea said.  It’s been a tough summer; many don’t even know they’re open for business. 

"That’s a big factor people thinking we’re closed when we’re not. They’re happy were open, don’t want to hang out in cottages. You can’t let it ruin summer. Hopefully the water goes down," O'Shea said. 

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