Bodycam video shows Westland police officers pull woman from house fire

Officers shown going into burning home

WESTLAND, Mich – Police officers showed bravery and determination Monday evening when they went into a burning home to save a woman -- and it was all captured on their bodycams.

Westland police officers were first to arrive to the burning home about 6:30 p.m. on Majestic Street. A 79-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man were trapped inside of the house. It was filled with smoke and fully engulfed in flames.

  • Watch the intense video above.
  • Warning: There is some explicit language on the video.

Officers could see the 79-year-old woman inside and they broke the glass to get access. One of the officers crawled inside of the home to pull out the woman. He was injured, suffering cuts and scrapes.

But as you can hear him say on the video, he was more concerned about making sure the fire victims and the burning home were tended to before he was.

Sadly, the 80-year-old man did not survive. The woman is being treated at an intensive care unit.

Fire crews believe a burning cigarette could have caused the fire, and they are still investigating.

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