Police arrest suspect in fatal beating of Berkley man after crash in Detroit

Witness speaks to Local 4

A 23-year-old man who is charged with open murder in connection with the fatal beating of Tyler Jordan Wingate, 24, has been taken into custody, the Detroit Police Department confirmed.

DETROIT – An eight day manhunt has come to an end as police arrested the man facing charges in the deadly beating of a Berkley man. 

Police took Lawrence Davis, 23, into custody at an apartment complex along 8 Mile Road at Telegraph Road. The Bonnieview Apartments were the focus of a Detroit police investigation. Local 4 was there Tuesday as police centered in on Davis inside the building.

Davis is charged with open murder in connection with the fatal beating of Tyler Jordan Wingate, 24.

Lawrence James Davis, 23. (Detroit police)

Local 4 spoke to one man inside the apartment complex when everything happened.

“I was in the same room with him for briefly five minutes. We didn’t have a conversation or none of that, no,” said Larry, the witness. 

Larry said he was doing maintenance work on the unit, when police barged in.

“So he hit the floor. Yeah he cooperated,” Larry said.

Police said officers arrested Davis without any problems. About two hours later Detroit police Chief James Craig held a news conference, but wuold not say how they found him.

“I can’t go into on how we did our investigative work. It’s important that we protect how we do it,” Craig said. 

Craig said they received several tips about Davis. They believe people hid him from police.

“There was a suggestion that maybe there were people who were hiding him. They knew he was involved in this horrible crime and did nothing to assist us,” Craig said.

Now the question is: Will they also face charges?

“I don’t know if we got that deep into the investigation where we can defensively say what actions individuals were taking to conceal him. Based on our investigation work we believe it. Proving it is another,” Craig said.

Tyler Wingate (WDIV)

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