How to report invasive species in Michigan

Plants, animals threaten native species

Invasive species can cause damage to their environments. (WDIV)
Invasive species can cause damage to their environments. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Invasive plants and animals cause harm to their environments.

Many invasive species are prohibited in Michigan, and reporting their presence in the state can help preserve the ecosystem.

Watchlist species

Some species are categorized as ones that pose "an immediate or potential threat to Michigan's economy, environment or human health," according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Species on the watchlist either haven't been confirmed in the wild in the state or have a small distribution that is known. Reporting these species can help prevent an invasion.

There are different ways to report sightings, depending on the species.

See species on the watchlist and how to report them here.

Non-watchlist species

There are a number of ways to report species that aren't on the watchlist but are still considered invasive.

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Sepcies can be reported to the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network online or through the network's phone app.

They can also be reported to your region's Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area or to your local conservation district.

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