Employee suspended after threatening co-workers at Chrysler Mopar Marysville distribution facility

Man may not face charges

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – A maintenance man at the Chrysler Mopar distribution facility in Marysville threatened other employees Friday, police said.

A co-worker called police to report the threat. Police said the man didn't have any weapons.

"He's had ongoing issues with other employees and felt like he was being picked on, and apparently something happened that morning that set him off," said Marysville Police Chief Tom Konik.

The man, who is from St. Clair, was placed on a permanent suspension. He is not allowed on any Fiat Chrysler Automotive property until the case is resolved, though it's unknown if the man will face criminal charges.

"We feel this person has some mental health issues. He was referred to get some help and sent to the prosecutor and may end up going to mental health court," Konik said.

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