Metro Detroit family shares how program helped when young son was in hospice care

My Nest is Best provides support for families

LIVONIA, Mich. – A Metro Detroit family hopes a program that helped them during their young son's final months can help others, as well.

Judah Lieberman was diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy, a rare hereditary disease that affects the central nervous system. After several months, hospice care was suggested for the toddler.

While Judah was being cared for by hospice, the My Nest is Best program helped make life easier for the entire family, while making sure Judah was comfortable.

The program from Angela Hospice provides a team that helps families when a child is in hospice care.

Amanda Davis helped administer medicine and give Judah's parents, Lindsey and Ed a break. She also played with Judah's siblings, Silas and Lucy, so they didn't feel forgotten during the difficult time.

Judah died in March at 3. His parents want other parents to know about My Nest is Best and how it can assist families dealing with similar situations.

Learn about how the program helped the Lieberman's in the video above.

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