Teens with nonprofit repair Detroit woman's lawn for free after out-of-control car torched yard

Out-of-control minivan destroyed lawn

DETROIT – A senior on Detroit's west side found herself with a mess on her hands after an out-of-control minivan left her lawn torched.

Estora Roberts said when she called the city, the employees told her to get some grass seed and a shovel. A group of teens got involved to make things right.

"He was coming down Curtis riding on three rims," Roberts said. "The sparks jumped from the van onto the lawn."

Those sparks caught two big patches of her front lawn on fire. Detroit City Councilmember Roy McCallister found some help from her from a nonprofit that helps seniors and veterans across Detroit with free lawn care services.

"There's always resources, and that's what we're here for in District 2," McCallister said.

"We're going to take care of her for the summer, and she'll never have to worry about her lawn ever again," Eric Miller, with the nonprofit Lawn Academy, said.

"These are young people coming out, helping the seniors. That's an awesome thing," Roberts said.

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