Lafayette Coney Island window smashed, arrests made after violent incident

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DETROIT – A nationally known Downtown Detroit Coney Island eatery was closed at lunchtime Friday after a violent incident involving a homeless man and the restaurant's workers.

Lafayette Coney Island has had a rough day, the business had a couple of broken windows and most of the staff was behind bars Friday.

The main window on the building has a large hole in it and the one to the right of it was cracked. The owner hoped to have the window replaced by Friday afternoon, but has had no luck so far.

Ali Alhalmi, the owner, said he doesn't know why, but a homeless man attacked the business and its staff.

Alhalmi said there were federal agents inside the restaurant eating lunch at the time and they helped stop the homeless man they said broke the window. However, half of Alhalmi's staff angrily ran outside and started attacking the homeless man after he broke the window.

Alhalmi had been in the basement and called 911 when he heard the commotion. Detroit officers arrested three Lafayette staff members.

Alhalmi said he'd help bail them out.

Detroit Police Commander Franklin Hayes said the restaurant staff didn't handle the situation well.

"Violence, whether against a person or property of others, is not a wise decision to make and for that we will hold them accountable," Hayes said.

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