🚲 Are you ready to explore Detroit in a different way?


One of my favorite ways to explore Detroit is on a MoGo Bike, and after one ride I think it will be yours too.  You may have seen the bright orange bikes around the city, or perhaps saw the profile I did on MoGo's founder, Lisa Nuszkowski, for a "My Detroit" segment on Live In The D. But, what I really hope is to inspire you to take a ride for yourself.

I must admit that when I first heard about the bike sharing and bike paths that were coming to the city, I was resistant to the idea. Was this what Detroit really needs? Who is going to use this new bike sharing service? The short answer: ME! 

Let me explain how it works...

MoGo has 44 docking stations around the city where you can check out a bike for $8 a day. Only thing to keep in mind is the bike needs to be docked (kind of like a check-in) every 30 minutes. It may sound complicated, but trust me, it's not. For example, on one of my excursions from a friend's house in Southwest, to Corktown for brunch, took about 20 minutes. When I was done, I was more than ready to drop the bike at one of the convenient docks and sit down to eat. Or, heading from the Shinola store to the DIA, same thing! About a 25 minute ride, but a natural time to want to stop and enjoy the neighborhood. 

The way I take in the sights, sounds and beauty of the city is completely different riding on a bike with the wind hitting my face. It's almost as if I can feel the texture of our city in a way I never could zipping by at 30 mph.   Murals are brighter, the colors of buildings more vibrant, and the grit of the city is palatable.

Trust me! If you're on the fence about trying MoGo for yourself, just do it! Don't let another beautiful day pass by without taking advantage of this unique way to explore!

XOXO - Tati

Look who's stopping by Live In The D before performing in metro Detroit!


🎸 You recognize his face from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", now Kevin Eubanks is in the D. Ahead of his shows, he is going to join Jason and Tati in studio Friday to talk about life after The Tonight Show, continuing to make music and one of his passion projects. He'll also sit down to play a song for viewers!

Here's what Jason & Tati are talking about today

🌮 One of the biggest names in all of sports loves tacos so much he's trying to trademark "Taco Tuesday". This is really happening.

👷 Have you seen the rehab happening at one of the oldest buildings in downtown Detroit?

Did you see this on Live In The D?!

🍰 It's said you eat with your eyes first, but this place in Dearborn makes their treats look so good you almost don't want to ruin them.

🍕 Mootz Pizzeria + Bar shared their recipe for the ultimate cheese pizza to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, which is today! Who says you need all those fancy toppings?

What's Happening Around The D

🗓️ Community Feast at Eastern Market

🗓️ Dally in the Alley

🗓️ Northville Food & Wine Festival

🗓️ Detroit Design 139 grand opening

🗓️ Festival of the Honey Bee

Throwback Thursday

📺 "The Good Place" will return to NBC this month on September 26. Earlier this year, Marc Evan Jackson joined us live in studio to talk about the show and his love for the D.

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