Durden Catering draws customers in for taste of chicken sandwich

Durden's Catering gets in on chicken sandwich craze

DETROIT – A catering company has had people lined up outside over the past couple weeks, all of them looking for a chicken sandwich.

With Popeye's viral sandwich sold out for the foreseeable future, Durden Catering in Detroit is stepping up to the plate. No matter what time of day it is, there's a line outside the eatery on Livernois Avenue.

"It can get up to about 45 mins to an hour wait," said chef RyTonie Durden, with Durden's Catering.

RyTonie Durden said it's been like this for about two weeks despite the major construction outside his door.

"Before the Young Gripper dropped, we had some issues trying to get people in here with the parking issues," Durden said.

But once word got out, everyone wanted a taste of "The Spicy Young Gripper. We take this chicken breast between a toasted bun, spicy coleslaw, pickles, pepper jack cheese and our Bang Bang Sauce," said Durden. 

Durden wouldn't reveal what's in the sauce, because he said that makes the sandwich pop and looking at the line outside, it's true, "It was just scrumptious. It was tender, spicy. I believe it was the coleslaw mixed with some type of sauce," Jeff Hicks said.

Jovaun Royal heard about the sandwich. He had to check it out.

"Wow. I definitely never had a chicken sandwich this big before, but it's definitely worth it, taste, everything it's worth it," Royal said.

You can try your own Spicy Young Gripper at Durden's Catering.

It's located at 20504 Livernois, or call 313-209-3350.