Dearborn police look for 2 men wanted in connection to fatal armed robbery

$2,500 reward offered for information that leads to an arrest

DEARBORN, Mich. – Dearborn Police need your help in finding two suspects they say robbed three people at gunpoint, all in the areas of Steadman, Morross and Bingham. During one of the armed robberies, a young woman lost her life. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Woman shot and killed in Dearborn during apparent armed robbery, police say

"She got murdered last night approximately 10 o'clock," said Ali Aljanabi. 

Ali Aljanabi said it may sound simple, but the details of his sister's murder are more complex than that. Ali said they were texting Friday night around 9:45. He sent her a message. He asked her about her location, "She goes ‘At the door.' I didn't understand, what she meant by door. I was like what door? She read it but she didn't answer me. I was sitting inside, and I heard shots fired, when I heard that, I thought something dropped on the floor," said Aljanabi. 

Ali said he went to the front door, "I saw the car. I saw half of her body lying, facing the floor. Half of her legs were inside. I pulled her out from the car, flipped her around, trying to keep her going, like she was hardly breathing," said Aljanabi. 

Police said someone shot Saja Aljanabi during an armed robbery, in the area of Bingham and Tireman, "Her face was full of blood, her chest was all bloody. I'm trying to figure out where she got shot, so I could put pressure on it," said Aljanabi. 

Police said there were two more armed robberies, Friday night, all within just blocks of each other. One in the area of Bingham and Morross. Police said someone assaulted a man at gun point. The other one in the area of Steadman and Morross. The suspects robbed an older woman at gun point as well. 

Al Mohammed said that was his mother, "Right away, we left the car, we started chasing them down. We see them running, they dropped everything and kept going," said Al Mohammed. 

"They took her purse. They fled the scene, when they fled the scene, they took the ids and threw the purse away," said Mohamad Al Jlaihawi. 

Both the man and older woman are okay. Meanwhile, the family of Saja is asking for your help, "All I'm asking you guys, Dearborn Police, Michigan State Police, to find that suspect, because he doesn't deserve to live," said Aljanabi. 

Dearborn Police released a description of the suspects. One is a short male, wearing a white mask and wearing all black clothing. The other one is a tall male, thin build, wearing all black clothing. 

Dearborn Police Chief Haddad is asking everyone in that area to check home security videos. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dearborn Police Department at 313-943-2240.


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