Metro Detroit man fighting illness attempts to set push-up challenge world record

UTICA, Mich. – What does one do to prepare to break a world record? In Brett Masserant's case, he gets in a cryotherapy session at his own shop, Accelerated Innovative Recovery in Utica.

Next, he stocks up on supplements and protein. These are the last few moments of preparation in order to do more than 20,000 pushups, but the practice began years ago.

"While I was taking care [of my dad] and he was in the bed, I would do pushups," Masserant said. "Then I would see how many I could do in an hour or two hours."

Brett's dad, Brent, suffered from spinocerebeller ataxia, a disorder that weakens your muscles and causes them to waste away over time. Brent Masserant passed away from it in 2013, Brett was diagnosed with it three years ago when he was 30 years old.

Doing anything physical is tough for Brett and it will only get worse. The push-up challenge is a way for him to fight back.

The plan is to do 30 pushups per minute with 30 second rests.

"Every hour, I'll be able to take three-minute breaks," Masserant said. "A cryo session takes three minutes, so I will try to get that in and then get back to pushups."

The current world record for pushups done in 12 hours, is 19,325. Brett's goal is to do 20, 034. The last 34, are a nod to his dad.

"My dad played for Catholic Central and 34 was his number there," Masserant said. "It's an important number to us."

Monday Brett had three cameras set up and invited witnesses. Brett said even if it doesn't get it all done in 12 hours, he will continue until he gets to his number. He is doing this for himself, for his dad and for anyone suffering from this disease.

I asked him what he thinks his dad would say about all of this.

"He'd be proud," Masserant said. "He would like it."

To follow Brett, he set up a Facebook Live through his account: Brett Masserant

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