Macomb County prosecutor praises Uncle Kracker for stopping violent bar fight

Prosecutor praises 'Uncle Kracker' for stopping violent bar fight

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Matthew Shafer, known to fans of his music as Uncle Kracker, is involved in a Macomb County investigation into a Labor Day weekend bar fight.

Shafer was named in the complaint filed Sunday.

It happened at Bumpers Landing on North River Road in Harrison Township. There are multiple versions of the story of what happened Sep. 2, but authorities claim surveillance footage from the area makes them believe Shafer was helping the situation.

The security footage captured a man trying to get a drink and being turned down. The man begins an altercation with staff and security, and that's when Shafer put himself between them and deescalated the situation.

There are some people, including employees at Bumpers Lander, who dispute the claim and said there's more to the story.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said if there is more, they haven't seen it.

"We've seen the video from start to finish, there is no assault on anyone," Smith said. "Shafer gets in the middle of it and stops it."

Smith added that Shafer's involvement is the only reason why the case is getting any attention. 

There have been discussions of civil lawsuits in the incident, but Smith said they likely won't go too far without any charges.

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