Detroit marks removal of 100,000th illegal graffiti tag in the city

Detroit marks removal of 100,000th illegal graffiti tag in city

DETROIT – The battle against illegal graffiti in Detroit hit a major milestone Thursday when the city marked the removal of the 100,000th illegal tag. 

The vandalism was washed off a viaduct off the John C. Lodge Freeway. 

"It's, like, overwhelming to see someone painting over somebody else's artwork," said Tashif Turner. "At the same time, I want to show graffiti artists that it's an actual professional way."

Turner, lovingly known as Sheefy McFly, is a professional mural artist working for Detroit as a part of a beautification project to deter vandalism. 

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"I'm happy to be able to paint on viaducts and in different neighborhoods that I grew up in and stuff," Turner said.

Turner's work is showcased on walls and shops across Detroit. Some are planned in advance and some, Turner said, he "just did off the top of my head."

Now that the graffiti was cleared from the viaduct, Turner will transform it with abstract art. Turner said the Detroit Beautification Project could start an artistic renaissance in Detroit.

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You can see more of Turner's work and upcoming events here.