Woman fatally shot in Detroit just months before her wedding

Former fiance of victim heartbroken

DETROIT – De'Angela Richardson had already picked out the dress that she planned to wear for her spring wedding before she was fatally shot and robbed. 

On the day she was shot and killed in Detroit, she was approved for a bank loan to set up her real estate business. That was something she dreamed would launch a new life for her and her family. 

"On Oct. 4, they took everything away from me," said Andre Arrington. 

Arrington was Richardson's fiancee. He said Richardson meant everything to him, and was his best friend, fiancée and the love of his life. 

"I don't really remember even getting in an argument with her. My fiancée had the spirit that if you meet her, oh, you're going to be cool with her," said Arrington. 

Which is why, he can't understand what happened On Oct. 4. "She made it to the hospital, but she didn't make it, she passed away six days later," said Arrington. 

She died just months before their wedding. They were going to say their vows on May 16, 2020. Now that won't happen. Richardson was murdered while working inside an apartment complex at the intersection of Joy and Pinrod on Detroit's west side.

Arrington was downstairs when two men robbed his fiancee and then shot her inside her office. "I had to kick in the little office door and my fiancée was laying on the floor with a gunshot wound to her thigh. I tied her leg up as tight as I could with her jacket. Another guy was pressing her wound, while I was calling 911," said Arrington. 

But she died days later, now all he has left of his fiancée are pictures.

"You go from a hurting feeling to being in the house alone. That's a hurting feeling. They took a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, from a family, man who really needed her," said Arrington. 

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