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From Brandon Roux:

Daylight Saving Time or Daylight Savings Time? For many years in the broadcast news business, we made such a big deal about getting it right. The actual name is Daylight Saving Time (DST) and it was enacted in 1918 during WWI to conserve energy by extending daylight longer. Americans could make better use of natural daylight while draining less power from the grid. When you think about it, you ARE saving daylight, NOT savings daylight. Who really cares if you say Daylight Savings Time? It rolls off the tongue easier and both are widely accepted today thankfully.

A different argument should be whether DST is necessary. It was originally proposed by US inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin in 1784. It took a while for it to finally catch on in 1918. DST used to start on the first Sunday in April, ending on the last Sunday in October. In 2007, President Bush extended it by four weeks starting the second Sunday in March, ending on the first Sunday in November. Right now, Hawaii is the only US State that does not follow DST guidelines. Arizona follows it in 90% of the State, but The Navajo Nation in Northeastern Arizona does not follow DST rules. Even Indiana got on board back in 2006.

There are many good arguments on both sides of this issue. Those who support Daylight Saving Time say it can save 100,000 barrels of oil daily and save energy by the lack of need for power later in the day. Farmers can also work longer into the late day and evening when conditions are less brutal for those hard working families. But those who oppose DST say that school kids are forced to get to bus stops and school in the dark making it much more dangerous. The Airline Industry claims it costs them millions to adjust flight plans and schedules caused by going in and out of DST. So what side are you on? Regardless, we hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this morning as it is the first Sunday of November. It's also no longer October or National Pizza Month, so no more pizza on Tasty Tuesday.

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Here's what's coming up on Monday, November 4, 2019 on Local 4 News Today

☁️ All Morning -- Weekend Weather

Clouds hang around, Monday, and it will not be as chilly. Daytime temps will be near 50 degrees. The next chance of wet weather isn't until later in the week.

  • Get the full forecast here

🚧 All Morning -- Construction

Construction crews will be busy fixing roads across Metro Detroit. Kim DeGiulio will help us get around the orange barrels.

  • Check traffic conditions in your neighborhood here

💸 6:10 a.m. -- Money Monday

Prescription costs are only going up. Business Editor Rod Meloni has a tax free way to pay for out-of-pocket Medical expenses.

👨‍💼 6:45 a.m. -- Office Dress Codes

Dressing casually started out as a one day a week treat, but now many offices allow casual clothes all week long. See why businesses are now encouraging comfort over class. As Bob Dylan says, "the times they are a changin'."


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📅 National Days: November 4th

  • National Chicken Lady Day
  • National Candy Day
  • Color the World Orange Day
  • Job Action Day
  • Traffic Directors Day

📜 History Highlights: November 4th

  • In 1922, the entrance to King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in Egypt.
  • In 1942, during World War II, Axis forces retreated from El Alamein in North Africa in a major victory for British forces commanded by Lt. Gen. Bernard Montgomery.
  • In 1964, comedian Lenny Bruce was convicted by a three-judge panel in New York of obscenity charges stemming from his performances at the Cafe Au Go Go in Greenwich Village. (Bruce received a posthumous pardon in 2003 from New York Gov. George Pataki.)
  • In 1980, Republican Ronald Reagan won the White House as he defeated President Jimmy Carter by a strong margin.
  • In 1991, Ronald Reagan opened his presidential library in Simi Valley, California; attending were President George H.W. Bush and former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald R. Ford and Richard Nixon - the first-ever gathering of five past and present U.S. chief executives.
  • In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the United States, defeating Republican John McCain.

🎁 Celebrity Birthdays: November 4th

Celebrating a birthday Monday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 6 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with --

  • Diddy is 49
  • Actor Matthew McConaughey is 49
  • Reality star Jessa Duggar is 26
  • Actor Ralph Macchio is 57
  • NFL player Dez Bryant is 30
  • Actor Steven Ogg is 45
  • Comedian Kathy Griffin is 58
  • Game show host Jeff Probst is 56
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush is 72

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