4 things to watch for -- Tuesday, November 5th

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Kim with her husband Kevin at the Michigan football game in Maryland. (WDIV CLICKONDETROIT)

From Kim DeGiulio:

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I certainly enjoyed the extra hour of sleep on Sunday. I needed it! However, this morning I looked at my kitchen oven clock, which I hadn't turned back yet, and I had a solid 5 second panic attack. I thought I had woken up too late and The Morning Show had already started. Does that ever happen to you? It's the scariest feeling! I get that feeling way too often. When I wake up on the weekends and I look at my clock, there's always that split second when I'm like OH NO! Then I remember it's the weekend and I'm allowed to sleep in. I'm a really heavy sleeper so I usually wake up completely out of it. Nothing that a cup of coffee can't fix though!

My husband and I spent the weekend in Washington, D.C. My sister-in-law just moved there, so we wanted to go see her new place. We have a lot of friends who live there too so we all went to the Michigan vs. Maryland game on Saturday. It was so much fun! We love going to at least one Michigan game on the road every year. It's a fun excuse to get away and it's always more fun when Michigan wins. The best part about winning before a Bye week is that you can celebrate that victory for two weeks straight! We'll be at the next game, which is the always highly anticipated Michigan vs. Michigan State. No matter what each schools record is, that's always an exciting game. It's such a fun rivalry. I'm looking forward to it!

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Here's what's coming up on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 on Local 4 News Today

☁️ All Morning -- Weather

Tuesday looks dry other than some light showers possible in the overnight, which will be gone well before sunrise leaving SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario dry tomorrow with cooler conditions on the way with an advancing cold front. Temps struggle with mostly cloudy conditions, starting in the mid to upper 30s and ending only in the mid 40s. The winds will be a little lighter but still breezy.

  • Get the full forecast here

🚧 All Morning -- Construction

Construction crews will be busy fixing roads across Metro Detroit. Kim DeGiulio will help us get around the orange barrels.

  • Check traffic conditions in your neighborhood here

🗳️ All Morning -- Election Day

The polls are set to open! But do you know what's up for vote in your community? From a major millage to a controversial mayor up for reelection, we'll have the big races to watch all morning long.

🍰 6:45 a.m. -- Tasty Tuesday

Massive milkshakes, perfect pizza rolls and Thanksgiving-themed treats that play tricks on your eyes. Tasty Tuesday features a sweet spot in Livingston County.


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📅 National Days: November 5th

  • National Doughnut Day
  • National Love Your Red Hair Day

📜 History Highlights: November 5th

  • In 1605, the “Gunpowder Plot” failed as Guy Fawkes was seized before he could blow up the English Parliament.
  • In 1911, aviator Calbraith P. Rodgers arrived in Pasadena, Calif., completing the first transcontinental airplane trip in 49 days.
  • In 1935, Parker Brothers began marketing the board game “Monopoly.”
  • In 1974, Democrat Ella T. Grasso was elected governor of Connecticut, becoming the first woman to win a gubernatorial office without succeeding her husband.
  • In 1992, Malice Green, a black motorist, died after he was struck in the head 14 times with a flashlight by a Detroit police officer, Larry Nevers, outside a suspected crack house. (Nevers and his partner, Walter Budzyn, were found guilty of second-degree murder, but the convictions were overturned; they were later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.)
  • In 2009, a shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas left 13 people dead; Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, was later convicted of murder and sentenced to death.
  • One year ago: A gunman armed with an assault rifle opened fire in a small South Texas church, killing more than two dozen people; the shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was later found dead in a vehicle after he was shot and chased by two men who heard the gunfire.

🎁 Celebrity Birthdays: November 5th

Celebrating a birthday Tuesday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 6 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with --

  • Reality star Kris Jenner is 63
  • NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. is 26
  • Musician Kevin Jonas is 31
  • Rock Singer Bryan Adams is 59
  • Rock singer Ryan Adams is 44
  • Actor Luke Hemsworth is 37 (Brother to Chris & Liam)
  • DJ Flume is 27
  • Model Josie Conseco is 22
  • Actress Tilda Swinton is 58
  • Actress Famke Janssen is 54
  • Actress Tatum O’Neal is 55

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