Police: 64-year-old woman critically injured in hit-and-run on Detroit’s west side

DETROIT – A 64-year-old woman crossing an intersection on Detroit’s west side was critically injured after being struck by a hit-and-run driver.

A homeowner living on the corner of Fenkell Avenue and Winthrop Street said crashes like that have happened too many times before.

“They just run by fast like that. It’s been all kinds of accidents and crashes, people trying to beat the light,” the homeowner said.

The woman who was struck is critically injured and in a hospital.

“Lots of time when children, ladies and stuff try to cross the street -- especially during the evening and night time -- the cars run so rapidly,” the man said.

What makes this particular case even more heartbreaking is that the driver never stopped, but fled the scene.

“That’s sad. The speed limit is supposed to be 30. I’ve seen them go as fast as 50, 60 miles an hour -- as though they were racing. I almost got hit myself,” the man said.

There’s both a want and a need for police to patrol more in the area in order to prevent similar crashes.

“This place needs more stability,” the man said.