Church buys Detroit Land Bank Authority homes to help revitalize neighborhood

DETROIT – A Detroit church has gotten into the real estate business.

The New Jerusalem Church in Detroit’s Wildemere Park neighborhood is buying up land and homes from the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

“We own that lot, that whole lot back there and we own this right here. What we’re trying to do is buy as many houses as we can and as much properties as we can,” pastor Darryl Clark said. “My roots are here. This neighborhood means a lot to me."

Over the years Clark witnessed the once-thriving community he calls home change into a neighborhood filled with abandoned homes.

““It was a very influential neighborhood,” Clark said. “We bought the lot. We’re going to turn the lot into a park. We want to try and build a rec center over in that area, over there. We also purchased this property, we want to refurbish it into a home for veterans.”

Clark said he partnered up with the land bank authority when they announced the Building Blocks Program.

“We look to highlight home ownership opportunities as well as educate interested buyers while promoting awareness in the community,” London Scott, with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, said.

Scott said it’s a program that’s long overdue and needed.

“We’re looking to renovate properties across the city of Detroit,” Scott said.

There’s a Building Block seminar on Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the New Jerusalem Church of God.

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