Detroit police officer killed in shooting: What we know

2nd officer shot is recovering at hospital

About 275 police officers showed up to Sinai-Grace Hospital, hoping the officer would survive this.

DETROIT – It’s a sad day for the Detroit Police Department as they mourn the loss of one of their own.

A 16-year veteran of the force died following a shootout with a gunman Wednesday night in the 20000 block of Wyoming Avenue. The shooting broke out about 7 p.m. Wednesday night. The neighborhood was locked down until about 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

  • Officers were responding to a home invasion report Wednesday night when someone at the home opened fire on them.
  • Two officers were shot. One was shot in the leg and is still in the hospital. The other was fatally shot in his neck.
  • The suspect was shot when officers returned fire. He is in custody at the hospital.

About 275 police officers showed up to Sinai-Grace Hospital, hoping the officer would survive this.

“I’ve never seen that many police cars blocking the street. I mean, and they were just coming down the street, Kentucky, coming down from Indiana, Wyoming, and they were blocking the streets. Then this officer told me and my neighbor, ‘Get in the house and shut your door,’" said a woman who lives in the area.

Here’s what happened

Two Detroit police officers were shot while responding to a home for a home invasion report. Four officers were there and two of them were shot by someone armed with a high-powered rifle. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the officers had cleared the upper level of the home and were met by the gunman as they came downstairs.

“As the officers arrived, occupants of this home began running out. The suspect, who was armed with a high-powered rifle, began to open fire on the officers,” said Craig.

The first officer took a bullet in the leg. The chief said that officer has been on the job for three years. He is recovering at the hospital. The other officer, the 18-year veteran, was hit in his neck.

“Because it was a high-powered rifle, the rounds reversed up through the rear of his skull where the bullet was lodged,” said Craig.

Doctors at Sinai-Grace did what they could, but the officer did not survive.

Suspect shot by police

The suspect was shot by Detroit police officers who were returning fire. He is in custody at the hospital.

“He was bleeding from up under his armpit,” said a tow truck driver who witnessed the arrest. “They cut his shirt off, he was bleeding, looked like he had been in a fight.”

Craig said this appears to have started as a domestic situation.

“Preliminarily I can say that he was looking for his girlfriend. He was angry,” said the chief.

Criminal history

The suspect has a lengthy criminal history including firearms charges. He was just about to get off parole after he served time in prison.

Neighbors describe chaotic scene -- watch:

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