UAW claims former president told staffers to falsify more nearly half a million dollars worth of expenses

Gary Jones resigned Wednesday

The United Auto Workers Union has laid out corruption allegations against the union's ex-president and a lieutenant.

DETROIT – The United Automobile Workers union claims former President Gary Jones told staffers to falsify expenses worth nearly half a million dollars.

Jones resigned as president Wednesday and Article 30 proceedings are beginning against him.

Click here to view the Article 30 charges against Jones.

According to the UAW, Jones directed staffers to misrepresent off-site charges when using resorts for leadership conferences. Expenses the staffers were allegedly instructed to misrepresent to the UAW accounting department include money spent at restaurants, golf courses, and food, beverage, and cigar vendors.

He’s also accused of telling his daughter to fly to Palm Springs to use a room the union had rented.

According to the union, "neither Jones nor his family paid the UAW for his daughter’s week-long use of the Palm Springs townhome in January 2014.

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