Residents dealing with loud noises from trains idling for days in Bloomfield Hills

Canadian National Railway blames strike

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – Residents are dealing with loud noises in Bloomfield Hills as trains idle on tracks.

“We’re used to hearing the train because we live right near the train tracks, and we thought it was stuck and then we just kept hearing the sound you hear over my shoulder, over and over and over," Matt Ulanoff said.

Trains have been idling on about three miles of tracks, from Opdyke and Kensington roads to almost 12 Mile Road.

Ulanoff said the engine of the locomotive stopped across the street from his home has been making noise since midnight Wednesday.

Canadian National Railway is blaming the stopped trains on a strike in Canada, saying trains are being held near the border because 3,200 employees are striking. The company said the trains must be on so the brakes will keep working.

Below is a full statement from CN:

“Unfortunately, 3,200 employees in Canada are on strike, forcing us to curtail operations. While there are currently no labor issues in the U.S., the strike is impacting traffic crossing the U.S./Canadian border. As a result, some trains are being held near the border. Because of the cold weather conditions, their locomotives must remain on to insure safe operations. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”

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