10-year-old Metro Detroit boy on mission to collect 1,000 pajamas for needy children

Dominic Miller needs help from community

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – A 10-year-old boy needs help from the community to reach his goal of collecting 1,000 pajamas for needy children.

Dominic Miller turned his Eastpointe home into Santa’s workshop, collecting piles of books and pajamas for children he doesn’t know. It all started six years ago when he saw a girl on a cartoon collecting books for children.

At only 4 years old, Dominic started talking about pajamas to his grandmother.

Because he was so young, his grandmother, Rose Marie Miller, who has raised him since birth, thought she was just appeasing Dominic when she told him they would collect books and pajamas.

“He was relentless,” she said about how much Dominic wanted to help.

The pair made a Facebook page that night. They collected 70 pajamas during the first year.

Dominic has upped the goal to 1,000 pajamas and 1,000 books.

When asked if he thought the community would help him reach that goal, he was certain he would get the assistance.

“Oh, I don’t think they will,” Dominic said. “I know they will.”

If you want to help, you can check out the Dominic’s Christmas Wish Facebook group or contact his grandmother at 586-945-6852.

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