How to protect your packages from porch thieves this holiday

Tips to keep your shipments safe

GF Default - How you can protect your packages from porch pirates this holiday
GF Default - How you can protect your packages from porch pirates this holiday

More than a third of Americans, an estimated 36%, are victims of so-called “porch pirates.”

In the last few weeks, we’ve had numerous Local 4 viewers send us videos of pirates stealing packages in their neighborhood.

So, how can you protect your packages as the holiday approaches?

1. Use low-cost Wi-Fi surveillance

Keep an eye on your porch using Wi-Fi camera devices like Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Ring, which can give real-time alerts for package deliveries.

“If you have a neighbor kind enough to pick up for you or keep an eye on that package it can give you that piece of mind,” said Techlicious’ Suzanne Kantra.

But that doesn’t always deter criminals, even those caught on camera aren’t always caught by police.

“We take this crime really seriously, it’s a felony,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott of King County Sheriff’s Office.

Police across the country are striking back by setting up sting operations with bait packages and encouraging customers to use alternative methods.

2. In-store pickup options

Picking up in-store is a safe option, ensuring your package arrives at a big-box retailer in tact.

“We expect BOPUIS, buy online pick up in store, to be a really strong performer this year,” said John Copeland, from Adobe Marketing and Consumer Insights. “It’s already grown 43% over the last year."

3. Buy package protection devices

Devices like Boxlock can be used to protect packages.

Customers can also get Amazon orders delivered directly to Amazon lockers in more than 900 cities.

This year, Amazon customers can choose their delivery date, allowing them to choose dates when they will be present in the house.

Amazon Prime members can use Amazon Key, a feature that allow delivery drivers to put packages directly inside your home, car or garage.

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