Flashpoint 6/14/20: What efforts to defund police departments would mean locally and across the country

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Flashpoint 6/14/20: (Whole episode)
Flashpoint 6/14/20: (Whole episode)

DETROIT – The calls to abolish, defund or reform police departments are growing louder across the country.

What should be done to make the system more just for everyone? We talked about that with Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence.

There was also a discussion on how racial disparities affect health, wealth and so many other aspects of life here in Metro Detroit.

Segment three of this week’s episode includes a conversation with Kerry Ebersole Singh, executive director of Michigan 2020 Census.

Segment One:

Democratic Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan’s 14th Congressional District

Segment Two:

Portia Roberson, CEO, Focus: HOPE and Michael Rafferty, president and CEO of New Detroit

Segment Three:

Kerry Ebersole Singh, executive director of Michigan 2020 Census

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