Some auto industry leaders concerned about over-commitment to electric vehicles

Some auto industry leaders concerned about over-committment to electrics

DETROIT – Much of General Motors’ success and positive press in recent months comes from the discussion around electric vehicles.

They’re meant to be the wave of the future. However, some people in the industry are concerned that GM is putting all their eggs in one basket and that could spell future trouble for auto workers.

GM wants to sell all electric vehicles by 2035 and be carbon neutral by 2040.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares visited Detroit, looking to introduce himself and see his Detroit plants. He also spent some time discussing the company’s future.

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The Chrysler brand, which only has a couple of vehicles under its banner, is likely to survive.

“Certainly the reference point is we recognize Chrysler is one of the historical brands one of the three historic brands of Stellantis therefore our mindset is to try to project ourselves in the future as a matter of respect,” he said.

Chrysler’s future is likely electric and autonomous. It is already testing those technologies with Waymo, which is part of Google.

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Tavares has already ended combustion engine technology at Peugeot. He said the company is aggressively pursuing electric vehicles, but also said the company has to be very careful because electrification adds significant cost.

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