Good Samaritans stop to help woman trapped inside crashed car on I-94

‘You see somebody in danger and need help, you go and help them,’

METRO DETROIT – When there’s a bad collision, every second counts and first responders can’t always get there in time.

That’s why two bystanders decided to jump in and become Good Samaritans at the scene of a crash on I-94.

Dramatic cell phone video obtained by Metro Detroit News shows a young woman being freed from an upside down car that crashed on I-94. The two behind the rescue -- brothers, Stedman and Bryan.

“It must have just happened, about 5-10 minutes, because traffic wasn’t backed up,” Sims said. “We seen some people stop, you had a few but everybody else kept going.”

“This is our exit anyway, Cadieux, so I got out made, made the call,” Tannyhill said. “My brother -- the guy he is -- had to jump down and get her out of there.”

In a split-second decision, Sims made the choice to run and help the young woman that was trapped inside the upside down sedan.

“I pulled her out, made sure she was good and that’s pretty much it,” Sims said. “My job was to make sure EMS got to her. I sat there and waited. They got to her and made sure she was good, my job was done.”

On a road where drivers were waiting for someone else to do something about it. We asked Sims why he decided to step up.

“Just how I was born and raised,” Sims said. “You see somebody in danger and need help, you go and help them. That’s all it was.”

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.