Car enthusiast experiences Dream Cruise for first time

Thousands spend Saturday along Woodward Avenue

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Troy Blevins

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - Thousands spent Saturday along Woodward Avenue enjoying the Dream Cruise.

From customs to classics, a myriad of cars were on display.

Local 4 News met a young car enthusiast who had never been to the Dream Cruise before. A self proclaimed car guy, Reed Miller, 22, first heard about the Dream Cruise last summer when he was an intern at GM.

"Unfortunately, I had to leave Detroit about two weeks before it, so I was anxiously awaiting this year's Dream Cruise and it definitely lived up to expectations," Miller said.

A month ago Miller, a Floridan, got a job at GM and moved back to the Motor City. He hasn't put down the camera all week.

"My friends from Florida love seeing the pictures because there's nothing like this down there," Miller said.

As a kid, he picked up his dad's passion for cars. As soon as he had a license, Miller hit the road.

"I wish people would see cars more as the freedom that they truly bring," Miller said. "You turn 16, you get a license and a car, and you're free basically."

There's much to choose from -- vintage classics to modern muscle.

"Yesterday, there was a silver R34 Skyline with the license plate 'Mr Godzilla.' Given that there's only eight or nine of those that are legal in the state, so that was pretty cool to see," Miller said.

No doubt, the Dream Cruise has a lot of variety, but even that is up for debate.

"I have talked to a couple people who feel like the Dream Cruise should only be cars, like pre-1990, but you know, you get a new ZL1 right there, like that green one, and I think that fits in just perfectly," Reed said.

Miller does worry millennials may not be that interested in continuing with the tradition.

"We'll see what happens when this generation gets older and my generation tries to take their place, if the '60s and '70s Camaros, Ford Mustangs and Mach 1s, and Pontiacs and Plymouths still hold their value like they are now," Miller said.

Miller said the best part about the Dream Cruise, after the cars, is the people.

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